animals should not be used for drug development for medical research essay

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Neither. The correct answer should be …show more content… “Why animal experiments are not necessary.” Secondly, not all medical research has been proven successful for humans through animal testing. As already stated in the previous paragraph, the diseases humans and animals develop are vastly different and are
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Essay On Animals Should Not Be Used For Drug Development Or Medical Research. Should Animals Be Used for Medical Research? Advances in medical technology are fueled by animal testing. Throughout history, animals have been utilized to benefit the well-being of humans. Animals are vital to the advancement of
The one I'm referring to is the animal—cat, rabbit, rat and so on which are widely and cruelly used in various kinds of scientific researches, and millions of them die every year. ... They say that research and testing using animals should be restricted because of human-animal correlation in drugs is not known so well yet.
Animals should not be used for drug development or medical research for the following reasons: Animals are killed and kept in captivity for the extent of their lives. A lot of the things tested on animals are never even used. It is expensive to keep animals alive for the sole purpose of testing drugs and other devices on them.
One of the most debated topics of our times is whether we should use animals for ex-periments or not. The interesting point that always comes up is what else is there instead of our dear friends. Without our lab creatures; our medicines, cosmetics and food would not be tested and might not be safe for our use and
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More generally, the bioscience community accepts that animals should be used for research only within an ethical framework. The UK .... Only four complaints against scientific/medical research literature have been upheld, not because the science was flawed but as a result of either semantics or the ASA judging that the

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